IV measurement station

The basis for IV curve measurements of solar cells is a temporally stable illumination spectrum close to that of the sun, provided by a solar simulator. If the solar simulator is combined with a contacting unit, a source meter as electronic load and corresponding controlling and analyzing software you have a complete IV curve measurement system. The contacting unit allows safe, repeatable electronic contacting of the solar cell with the source meter. Due to the great variety of different cells in the field, we offer customized solutions.

The source meter must be able to precisely cope with dark current measurements in the nano Ampere range as well as the multi Ampere range that can be found in large-format silicon cells at an irradiance of 1000 W/m2.

The software controls both the data acquisition and (if available) the shutter of the solar simulator. It also offers a great range of analyzing methods, the option to use one’s own algorithms, connectors to a variety of servers and the optional integration in a multiplex unit which provides easy data acquisition for mini modules.


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