Threaded Filter Rings

From Andover

In addition to our standard rings, Andover offers a variety of threaded ring mounts. Standard sizes and thread pitches enable the user to attach the filter securely to equipment.

Industry-standard sizes
Adaptable to most of our standard products
Laser-engraved identification
Thread size (mm)OD (mm)Clear aperture (mm)Part Number
M27.0 x 0.529.523RING-M27
M30.5 x 0.532.526.5RING-M30.5
M37.0 x 0.753932RING-M37
M40.5 x 0.54236.5RING-M40.5
M46.0 x 0.7548.541RING-M46
M49.0 x 0.7551.544RING-M49
M52.0 x 0.755447RING-M52


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